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All of us at The Charter Foundation are attentive and concerned about how the unfolding news is affecting our community. As information can be a source of comfort, we want to outline what plans and assumptions are guiding our work for Sebastopol Charter School. 

The Charter Foundation is working in close collaboration with Sebastopol Charter School administration. We will be acting on a day-by-day basis in accordance with SCS policies, and in consideration of the current information available in regards to COVID-19. 

“Life and leadership encompass more than bottom-line concerns but include caring for one another and holding our community together. None of us knows how any of this will turn out, but I believe there’s a not insignificant possibility our economy and society will be dramatically changed by this pandemic, and all we can control is how we accord ourselves during this time of crisis.” – Bob Haroche, CF Vice President

“I realize there’s an important distinction between social connection and social solidarity. Social connection means feeling empathetic toward others and being kind to them. That’s fine in normal times. Social solidarity is more tenacious. It’s an active commitment to the common good – the kind of thing needed in times like now.” – New York Times Opinion Columnist David Brooks

All of our Charter School’s teachers have been busy preparing for the new journey of heartfelt Waldorf programming, now online. Our campus is coming to life with the advent of spring, with both its buildings and land being tended and preserved as it awaits our learning community’s eventual return.

For any who may be ready for some action suggestions, please consider some or all of these three powerful ways you can help keep The Charter Foundation and Sebastopol Charter School stable while students are learning at home: 

1) Keep your pledge as unwavering as you are able, or consider an increase, if you are one of those able to stretch a bit more during this crucible.

That said, if reductions or cancellations are necessary due to economic hardship, please communicate with us about it via email. We will understand, and are helped a great deal by any details you can share about how temporary you anticipate your reduction to be. 

2) Help broaden our base of support.

  • Share widely this link to our Charter Foundation Homepage, where extended friends and family members, as fans of your children and public Waldorf education, can be empowered to pledge or donate on your behalf. During times like this, those with resources are often more inclined than usual to give to their favorite causes, and our school might be seen as more worthy now than ever.
  • If you are receiving a paycheck but haven’t inquired about EMPLOYER MATCH PROGRAMS, now’s the time! Those programs are probably still in place for larger corporations and institutions.
  • As we continue to do all we can to ensure long-term stability of our campus home and programs, we will make our fundraising efforts easier to share than ever before. Self-select good times to get news and respond!

3) Stay connected to our SCS community through social media! We will be reaching out to keep continuity and inspiration vibrant!

Our messages are not new, and we imagine you understand how essential our pledge program is to our school’s short and long term financial stability. If any questions remain about this, we encourage you to reach out to anyone on the CF Board or as always, staff, to get your questions answered or to offer support.  

In solidarity and compassion, Jill and Essie (

Our Mission

The Charter Foundation is the fundraising organization for Sebastopol Charter School, a Public Waldorf charter school in Sebastopol, California. Established by the school’s founders in 1996, the Foundation is charged with the mission of establishing and supporting a permanent, Public Waldorf charter school. Since that time the Charter Foundation has provided facilities for the School, bolstered teacher salaries and student programming, while also saving for the acquisition and construction of our unified school site.

The primary fundraising vehicle of the Foundation is the parent Pledge Program. The Foundation also manages varying other fundraising events throughout the year.

The Charter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID # 94-3314538.See you all there!

Regretfully, May Faire 2020 Has Been Cancelled

Any work done by the Foundation and school families to organize ourselves means we will be ready, once any gathering of our community is deemed safe.

2019 Accountant’s Review Available

The outside accountant’s review of the Foundation’s fiscal year 2019’s financial records and management has been completed by the independent auditors Goranson & Associates and is now available for download. As with prior year’s review, the review found no issues or items of concern, and all financials were found to be in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America..

Amazon Smile: An easy way to support your community when shopping online.

All of us at Sebastopol Charter encourage our community to support our local businesses that continue to be strong supporters of our school. And yet, there are times when it’s necessary to purchase something online. Now, even when that’s the case, you can still support your local community through the AmazonSmile program.  It’s a terrifically simple program in which to participate, and for every purchase you make, Amazon will donate .5% of the price to the Charter Foundation.

All you need is an existing Amazon account and 20 seconds of time. Simply go to and choose Charter Foundation as your designated charity. That’s it. Then in the future, simply shop at (remember the smile prefix), and the Foundation will benefit from your purchases. Bookmarking that URL will make it even more convenient.

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Our goal is to reach 100% school-wide participation by March 31st. You can make it happen! We all can. If you haven’t already, please take action now to submit your pledge form with your first donation as soon as you can.