About Us

The Foundation is a non-profit corporation formed in 1999 to raise money for the creation and ongoing support of Sebastopol Charter School. The Foundation currently holds $3.1 million in assets, consisting primarily of the downtown campus and building, which the Foundation owns free and clear.

The funding for the Foundation comes principally from the pledge donations of our school families, along with various fundraising programs and events throughout the year. In school year 20011-2012, 97% of school families collectively pledged over $315,000 to the Foundation.

The Foundation is managed by a five-member Board of Directors, which oversees its finances, fundraising, building maintenance and retail leasing. The Board maintains close cooperation with the School Board and administration.

Consistent with its historical practice, the Foundation has committed school year 2011-2012 to grant half of its revenue, net of operating expenses, to the School to be used as the School sees fit.  The other half of its revenue the Foundation holds in savings for the School’s long term capital and programming needs.