Capital Campaign


Breaking Ground for the Future

Havin now entered our third decade as a school community, we can look back at the school’s history and see how the institution has remained true to its mission of providing a public Waldorf education to nurture the development of the whole child, to teach and encourage each child to become a life-long learner, and to inspire each child to become a benefit to the community and society.

We feel proud and grateful as we look at our larger school community – over 200 alumni families, nearly 300 alumni, and 209 families of currently enrolled students who leave a mark on the school and the world with their investments of time, energy, resources, and ideas.  Thanks to the generosity of this entire community, our children and future generations of children in Sebastopol have the opportunity to experience an extraordinary public Waldorf education.

While our school is thriving under the strong and steady guidance of its faculty and administration, we long ago outgrew our current campus.  The expressed goal of our school has always been to acquire a permanent, unified campus for its entire school population.  A unified campus will serve us in so many ways, including eliminating the inconvenience and constraints that a physical separation of campuses has placed on teachers and on parents; creating ample playground and movement space; encouraging interaction and mentoring between the older and younger students; providing plenty of room for all students to move with freedom; and offering a farming and gardening curriculum and space, including native plantings and habitat restoration.  We envision an educational home that celebrates community, honors childhood, and educates the whole child in a setting that by design teaches respect for nature, resources, and one another.

We are now at the point in our development where we are taking this giant step forward by creating a permanent, unified home.  Our plans for the first phase of this new home comprise all the necessary groundwork and construction required to establish K-8 classes on-site in portable classrooms according to the master plan design.  There are many necessary site improvements for Phase I.  A partial list of those improvements includes: major earthmoving, septic system, underground systems for electrical and water, roads and pathways, cement pads for classrooms, modular buildings for classrooms, remodeling the existing house into administration and staff support space, initial landscaping, and construction of outdoor play and woodworking areas.

The cost of the first phase of the project is $8.9 million.  Between the Charter Foundation’s reserves, proceeds from the sale of its downtown campus, and a generous loan from the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, our projected funding covers over 80% of the cost of getting started on our new campus.

Now our school needs to raise an additional $400,000 and we need your help. 

To realize this bold aspiration, the School and Foundation have launched Breaking Ground – a campaign to support the school’s vision and years of planning toward the realization of spacious unification.  This campaign is a resounding call to invest in our remarkable school as we unite our community and campus.

We are proud and pleased to announce that we have already received pledges of more than $292,000 toward Breaking Ground.  We’ve reached 100% participation from all School and Charter Foundation board members, administrators and teachers by asking them for personally meaningful gifts, to be paid over 3 years.

The beauty of our gifts is that they will continue to give long past the graduation of our children.  Just as our children have benefitted from the generosity of the many parents who have given before, we will forever be founding supporters of this new campus.