Dig Deeper

It has been a year of many transitions and changes, and the strength of our school community has shined through every test set forth before it…moving, building, planting, decking, fencing and so much more; all with the common goal of creating a permanent home for our school. Because of so many hands and hearts, we pulled off the monumental task of landing at our new, forever campus.

As many of you may know, building a home comes with great costs, and often those costs go beyond what is expected. This move to our permanent school home is no exception. The cause of these added expenses have been many…including improvements and upgrades for our portable classrooms, administration building, and additional requirements from various public agencies to meet facility standards. While we have accomplished so much, the costs of Phase One have exceeded The Charter Foundation’s original budget, which means:

We are in immediate need of raising $100,000.

We are humbly asking all of our families to “dig deeper” right now and make a STRETCH DONATION, beyond your regular pledge, in support of our school and the completion of Phase One of our new home.

Some of what your donations are paying for:

– Upgrades and repairs for all portable classrooms and administration building
– The full-sized basketball court with built in hoops
– Games field, and real green grass with full irrigation system
– Built in projectors in the upper grades
– New cabinets, appliances, and flooring in the kindergartens
– Durable vinyl wood floors in all of the grades classroom
– STEM cabinets and equipment

If we surpass our goal, we can build shade structures,
plant large beautiful trees, and install a shelter at the pick up area!!

During this season of gratitude and giving (and tax deductible year-end donations), we hope all of our families will reach into their pockets and dig deep for our school.

Our campus is only possible through the generous giving of school families past and present. 
We ask you to consider giving $250, $500, $1000 or beyond! Please do whatever is possible for your family.

It’s a STRETCH campaign, and STRETCHING feels so good!
And for those that like to know the numbers…the purchase and development of our new campus has cost approximately $9.2 million, which includes land acquisition, permit and consulting fees, and hard construction costs. Most of the funding has come from the sale of our downtown campus, 20 years of savings from the Foundation’s pledge program, Capital Campaign contributions, and a $4.2 million loan from the Rudolf Steiner Foundation. We are now counting on our community to help get us to the finish line of Phase One.

Now is the time to make our gratitude for this school tangible.
Please consider making a substantial gift
to the Dig Deeper campaign today.

We thank you in advance for your generous support!

With warmth and gratitude for our school,

– The Charter Foundation Board

Todd LaMothe – President
Bob Haroche – Vice President
Anthony More – Vice President
Amy Hui Johnson – Treasurer
Laura Gilbert – Secretary
Ashley Schroth-Cary – Board Member at Large
Camelia Patiño – Board Member at Large