May Faire

It’s Our First Annual May Faire Festival!

Join us for a day of merriment and community celebration to welcome the spring!

With plenty of space to be creative and inclusive on this new campus, we are opening this event to the public for the first time. This will replace our former weekday May Fair event, creating new opportunities of many kinds. We encourage all families to find their favorite ways to participate! Please communicate with your student’s class Charter Foundation rep (ask, if you’re not sure who this is!) to learn more about how to support the event’s success.

More details to come, but here are some to start with:

  • Traditional May Pole Dancing, class by class? YES
  • Petting Zoo? YES
  • Face painting? YES
  • Locally-produced food? YES
  • Marketplace opportunities for SCS family vendors? YES
  • Campus-warming Fundraiser? YES
  • Class families coming together to create games and crafts? YES
  • Opportunities for connecting with other families in the school community and beyond? YES
  • The birth of a beautiful new tradition? YES

Keep an eye out for all things May Faire!

Your class Charter Foundation Reps will have information for you that is specific to your class, while this section of the Charter Notes will be a place to check for with semi-weekly information for the entire school. Thank you for keeping up with the news.

This week:

  • CALLING ALL VENDORS! SCS family businesses are invited to apply to vend in this year’s May Faire selling Waldorf-friendly wares. Contact by Friday, March 8 for application details!
  • GOT LEMONS? We’d love you to donate them to the May Faire! Drop your bagged or boxed lemons at the Charter Foundation office anytime (at the end of the hall in the school admin building) to be juiced and frozen for May Faire lemonade sales.