May Faire

It’s Our First Annual May Faire Festival!

A day of merriment and community celebration to welcome the spring was had by all!

With plenty of space to be creative and inclusive on this new campus, we opened this event to the public for the first time. This will replace our former weekday May Fair event, creating new opportunities of many kinds. We are grateful to all of those that joined us! Thank you, and we look forward to next year!

Our May Faire Festival was celebrated with our traditional favorite features along with many wonderful additions this year!

  • Traditional May Pole Dancing, class by class? YES
  • Petting Zoo? YES
  • Face painting? YES
  • Locally-produced food? YES
  • Marketplace opportunities for SCS family vendors? YES
  • Campus-warming Fundraiser? YES
  • Class families coming together to create games and crafts? YES
  • Opportunities for connecting with other families in the school community and beyond? YES
  • The birth of a beautiful new tradition? YES

History and Vision of May Day

By Antje Bojarsky, Pedagogical Director and 4th Grade teacher

Festivals in a Waldorf School mark the turning points of the year. Our Festival of Courage in the fall and May Day in the spring have opposite gestures. The autumn festival celebrates courage and initiative, strength and compassion which each of us needs to venture forward on our individual path. Its pageant highlights and celebrates individuality. May Day celebrates community and the human need to weave together for a sense of belonging and connection. Each ribbon on the Maypole is held by an individual dancing around, intertwining with others in friendship and celebration. May Day is a time when we appreciate that our relationships create community.


Q: Why did we change the date from a Wednesday to a Saturday? Won’t that mean some families won’t attend?

A: After hearing the proposal brought to the CF Board by a parent, already backed by some faculty, the School leadership and Charter Foundation decided that the benefits of a public, weekend May Faire fundraiser outweighed the risk of changing the date. In the past, many families could not attend during their work week. Moving forward, the hope is that a weekend date will increase most families’ ability to attend. Though it is not required, we hope you won’t want to miss it.

Q: Will there be a fee for admission?

A: No. Our May Faire tradition is special to our School community and we are not charging admission. We will gratefully accept entrance donations.  

Q: Is the fact that it’s a fundraiser going to change what was special about our school’s tradition? Are our children being considered or disregarded in the pursuit of fundraising?

A: This event is student-focused. Admission will be by donation The faculty is leading the Maypole dancing, class by class and consistent in our school’s May Faire traditions. The first hour of the event will be open only to school families for flower crown making, before the public is welcomed. We start from our internal connection and radiate it outwards into the later parts of the day. This is equally true of our class by class teamwork to create and run family-friendly activities for the public.

Fundraising is necessary at our school, and this is our year’s only fundraiser that brings us together. With the intention of downplaying the presence of monetary transactions, we are making efforts to limit the places where cash and plastic change hands, and instead bring a focus in 6-8th grade of the developmental appropriateness in practicing customer service skills and applied mathematics.

Q: What are the lanyards? How much will they cost? How do they work?

A: Last week’s Charter Notes included an image of the punch card lanyards we will be selling to the public. Guests may purchase one of these lovely lanyards for $25, allowing them to participate in 7 activities and 3 crafts. The lanyard is presented (and then hole-punched) for participation at each game/activity or craft booth. The lanyards offer a price break in contrast to the individually sold tickets at $5 per craft and $2 per activity.

Q: Will there be prizes for the games? What will they be?

A: Most games and activities will provide golden beans as prizes. Winners can accumulate golden beans, and then choose to trade them in for treats at the 8th grade dessert booth, or keep them as treasures. 5 beans will get the winner a bag of popcorn or fruit gummies. The Cupcake Walk will reward winners with cupcakes, and The Pocket Lady will reward winners with trinkets.

Q: Who is responsible for providing the supplies and time to create and operate each class’s craft and activity booths? Is it faculty, Charter Foundation reps, or students?

A: We all are. Teachers, parents, and CF Directors and staff have collaborated in varying ways with each class to create the offerings of crafts and activities. Each class is being asked to contribute or create the materials* and to staff their own booths. Students can help as much as is deemed appropriate and wanted, class by class.

* Without any requests for Auction or Gala donations this year, we strive to make our requests both reasonable and flexible, subject to different capacities and means. If any class is encountering difficulty in pooling sufficient resources, the event committee will seek backup resources to cover the gap in what each class can provide. Let your CF class rep know if your class may require CF support in any way.

Q: Will the class booths be the only ones?

A: We are happy to have secured the involvement of several local craftspeople (all being Sebastopol Charter families, alumni or friends!) who sell and provide beautiful wares. They are contributing a reasonable percentage of their proceeds to our fundraising efforts.

Q: Will there be music? Or shows?

A: Yes! Mr. Zieminski’s ensemble will perform two sets. We are open to considering other performers willing to donate their time and talent for the benefit of exposure and gratuities.

Q: What are the different classes offering?

A: Here is the list:

  • Rainbow & Sunflower K: Floral Crown Making – Free to school families between 10am-11am only. 12pm-4pm for guests to do as a lanyard/ticketed craft
  • 1st grade: Pocket Lady and Petting Zoo
  • 2nd Grade: Fishing Game and Fairy Wands Craft
  • 3rd Grade: Painted Succulent Pots Craft and Boat Race Game
  • 4th Grade: Fairy Making Craft and Bean Bag Toss Game
  • 5th Grade: Friendship Bracelets and Hair Feathers Craft, Cupcake Walk Game, possible Javelin Toss Game (run by Mrs. Schwall with support from fifth grade)
  • 6th Grade: Lunch Food (Burrito Bowls)
  • 7th Grade: Beverages (some homemade, some donated)
  • 8th Grade: Desserts/Edible Prizes (some homemade, some donated)

Q: I have limited availability on May 4th. OR, I am not engaged yet. How can I help?

A: We’re so glad you asked! Various general ways to get and stay involved include:

  • Download and share our May Faire event poster everywhere and anywhere!
  • May 3rd and 4th – General set up and clean up
  • May 4th – Bike Valet. 1 or 2 hour shifts from 10:30-4
  • May 4th and 5th – Haul loaned tables to and from Fire Department
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends!
  • Allow yourself to find your perfect way to contribute based on what you love
  • Keep asking the questions you have so your CF Rep or CF staff can help
  • Keep reading emails/Charter Notes, there will be more news, help us keep you informed
  • Email to volunteer, or watch for a sign-up genius soon
  • Be kind and understanding about surprises before, during and after this event. Enjoy the process!