The Grand Affair

How Did We Do?

It was a huge success! The Grand Affair was a fantastic party that had us dressed in our finest flapper attire, dining on some of the best Sonoma County has to offer, playing the tables for our playground, dancing the night away, and schmoozing for the cameras. Oh yeah, and we had an awesome auction! Whew! Well, here are the numbers. Drum roll please…..

We raised $26,831.16!! Wow!!

The breakdown is interesting to see as well:

  • Online Auction: $13,391.86
  • Other income and expenses: $10,119.30
  • Playground Fund-A-Need sponsors and casino sales: $3,320

How Did We Do It?

It was only thanks to the myriad donors (see logos and listings below), volunteers, and our generous hosts at the Barlow Event Center, all of whom were activated by the passion and talent of the parents and staff of SCS. 

First, a SPECIAL thank you to our community donors and sponsors, many of whom donated generously to support the event in general and others who gave generously in specific support of the new play structure thanks to the extensive outreach efforts of CF Board member (and first grade parent) Robert Bialkin.

The Grand Affair and The Charter Foundation is proud to feature and promote the very generous folks that helped make our event become such a glamorous and enticing affair!

We hope you’ll note and support the following businesses, from within and without our school community, who sponsored us so generously. When patronizing these SCS supporters, consider letting them know you’re a parent here and that your spending with them is prompted in part by their contribution to your child’s school!

All of our gratitude goes to the following businesses:

Additional generous sponsors that are supporting our beloved school and The Grand Affair include Creative Furnace Bookkeeping, LLC

‘Many hands’ brought indispensable style and grace in service of our school community, including parents, faculty, and community donors!

  • 86 community organizations and businesses outside of our direct school population donated to our auction
  • 38 school families, past and present, donated or arranged for auction donations 
  • 8 school families (including faculty) donated or arranged for all of the donations of event supplies and services
  • 60 school families purchased tickets for themselves or for teachers to attend 
  • At least 20 school families were represented on our volunteer crew, doing things like shucking oysters, driving and delivering food, moving heavy equipment, stringing lights and serving food/beverages, with several surprise helpers stepping up to help with the after hours packing and cleaning up (woo hoo!)

Last but certainly not least, 7 school families were represented on the Grand Affair event committee, leading creative and often heroic efforts behind the scenes for months (and in concentrated weeks pre-event) to turn the sparkle in our eyes, talent by talent, hour by hour, to the sparkling evening itself.  

Please recognize these parents for giving with so much expertise and heart to elevate “The Grand Affair” into its first year of grandeur! 

Introducing… the core Grand Affair Committee, a la Sara Press, celebrating friendships old and new through teamwork!

Sara Burt landed the beautiful and convenient venue, spearheaded and coordinated ALL the food donations and preparation, procured coveted auction donations and personally donated wine for serving 

Jeanna Collet helped perfect layout, entertainment, and (carried out) the social media and together with her husband Sebastian, rose to the challenge of rigging and lighting the venue amid last-minute limitations

Kayse Hofland conceived of the event name and aesthetic, weaving it into her graphic design, deco creation, equipment ordering and bartending panache

Amy Hui Johnson championed the final month of auction procurement and was knee-deep in auction work down to the final hours, including managing final awards and totals 

Edda Loranger got a head start on auction procurement and never stopped lending a helping hand at whatever tasks needed doing, down to the very end

Camelia Patino envisioned the casino fund-a-need and manifested all elements of it with stylish and playful aplomb (so SCS students could get closer to having a new play structure!)

Additional key support was provided by:

Annaliese Hettinger, with wine and auction procurement

Deborah Kraft, with extensive and enticing auction data-entry

Sara Press, with photography services donated to the auction and also to the (entire) event’s evening. Sara and her assistants documented many spirited guests in her photo salon, and she went on to spend additional hours editing and providing the resulting images online for guests to print and cherish

Ashley Schroth-Cary, with equipment procurement and delivery as well as auction data-entry and gift certificate creation

Thank you ALL, and bravo! May this year inspire a legacy we can refine annually to celebrate the extended community of SCS through shared work and play.

We hope that you all enjoyed the important parts you played, and that even more families will join us next time!

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