The Foundation holds the vision, present from the School’s inception, to acquire or create a unified campus, with all grades and administration under one roof and adequate space to support comfortably the full range of our students’ educational, artistic and physical needs.

Currently the School is housed at two sites, the portable classrooms at Brookhaven (grades K-2) and the downtown campus on South Main St. (grades 3-8), and still the program is bursting at the seams. With a larger campus, the School could offer any number of subjects it currently cannot for lack of space. With a unified campus, the School could support greater integration between students in the different grades and their families. Finally, a larger playground and more expansive overall physical space would be a real enhancement to the students’ complete educational experience.

This then is the long term vision of the Foundation.

At the same time, the Foundation also exists to support the School in maintaining its existing programming, salaries and infrastructure. In a time of sharp and long-term state education budget cuts, the Foundation has stepped forward to provide a needed financial backstop. Long term the Foundation is working to build an endowment for the ongoing support of the School’s programs.